The Marin Irish Ceili

The Ceoiltias in San Rafael is held each week in the St. Isabella School in Terra Linda (San Rafael). Coming from the North or South on 101 take the Frietas Parkway exit and head West ... away from the Bay and towards the hills. Don't bother to count the stop lights but go to the first STOP SIGN and do a U-turn back the way you came (you'll understand this when you see that the street has a large drainage ditch down the middle). The Church will now be on your right hand side, the next right turn will take you toward the Church. Continue to bear to your right until you see the Church on your left and a school on your right. When you turn into the parking lot of the school you will be looking up at the door to walk through ... tune your instrument and join in.

Click to find St. Isabella School on Google Maps.

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